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Lioness Lifestyle

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I am excited to invite you to subscribe to our newest program, Lioness Lifestyle!

Lioness Lifestyle is an inexpensive ($12/month) and fun way to keep going (or start) on your Lioness journey, with a little support, accountability and love along the way.

Did you do a Lioness coaching program and you don't want to let go of your new self-care habits?

When you took a Lioness class, were you excited at the parenting skills you learned and now you want to be reminded about that evolution so you don't slip into old habits?

Or maybe you haven't experienced health coaching before and you'd just like a way to start slowly...

1 Simply, print out two challenge sheets

2 Put the four challenges for each month on your calendar and start working on them

3 Read blog posts from challenge sheet, or the assigned books

Print out your Tradition Tracker sheet, and meet with your family to plan the traditions you'd like to incorporate during that month each year!

We created the Lioness Lifestyle subscription just for you!

Each month you will focus on one of the topics we cover in coaching, 7 Steps to Family Wellness and Healing with Love.

Taking these baby steps will help keep you on the path of health, awareness, accountability and loving and teaching your children.

At the end of a year of subscribing to Lioness Lifestyle, you will have all 12 beautiful Tradition Tracker sheets to add to your homemanagement binder!

It's a win/win!

You will receive four assignments, and as you accomplish them and are blessed by your progress, you also get rewarded with a tool for building the loving family culture you desire through traditions!

If you haven't already gone through coaching or classes, the Lioness Lifestyle challenges will still be achieveable and supportive! Subscribing to Lioness Lifestyle for a year can be a great segway into deeper learning with the other Lioness programs!

It's simple and yet profound.

The process of implementing small improvements over a stretch of time makes change doable! A consistent string of baby steps can help you move forward without overwhelm. And that simplicity may help you go the full distance on your way to creating new habits or reinforcing healthy habits you've recently aquired!

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Just a little help to remember and focus!

Did you learn to repeat positive, present-tense declarations to train your brain to think better? Keep going on habits like these with a monthly prompt and assignment.

Here's What You'll Find...

A monthly theme of focus from the Lioness skills and habits that support your health and your family's wellness.

Assignments already thought out and ready for you to implement!

Reminders (or new ideas) about order, unconditional love, vision, mission, nutrition, time-blocking, and more.

Beautiful, monthly pages for planning your family's traditions, because traditions are an important part of creating a thriving family culture where each family member feels they belong!

An easy way to keep moving forward or starting out, without committing more time and money to a larger program.

A group coaching experience once a month to encourage your growth and accountability!

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Here's What You Get...

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Four Challenges:

Look forward to completing each month's challenges and being prompted to do the good things you learned or new things you need to learn! ($400 Value)

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My Family Tradition Tracker Planning Sheets: (12)

After your assignments are finished, download your traditions tracker planning guide for each month! At the end of a year, you'll have 12 months of traditions ready to go! ($35 Value)

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One Monthly Group Coaching Class: ($600/year)

Meet with like-minded women on the Lioness Lifestyle Group Coaching Webinar! Challenge yourself to submit a question to be discussed during our time together.

We meet the 1st Thursday of each month at 7pm on zoom.


Claim Two Free Gifts With Your Order!

A few free tools to assist your Lioness journey:

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Download Lioness Journal Pages ($15 Value)

Keep your Lioness notes and memories in one special place! These pages could be added to a homemanagement page or be kept privately in your nightstand.

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Lioness Self-Care Log Sheets($15 Value)

Get back to tracking your habits (or start for the first time) with a copy of the Lioness Self-Care log. It is helpful to actually see what your current habits are and to challenge yourself to do better.


Get Monthly Subscription to Lioness Lifestyle now for $12/month!

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My "Loving Lioness" Guarantee!

I know you are going to absolutely fall in love with the support you receive from Lioness Lifestyle! But if for some reason you are dissatisfied during the first month, no worries, I will refund your subscription.

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